Child Safety

Thornbury Primary School is committed to the safety and protection of all children. We have clear and explicit guidelines that detail the shared school community expectations for child protection and safety and actions to be taken when the safety of students is/potentially is compromised. These are based on the recommendations of the Victorian Department of Education and Training from the Betrayal of Trust report and underpinned by the new PROTECT Child Safe Standards. Ministerial Order 870. Ministerial Order No. 870, which operationalises the Child Safe Standards in all Victorian schools, came into operation on 1 August 2016.

We empower children to be vital and active participants in our organisation. We involve them when making decisions, especially about matters that directly affect them. We listen to their views and respect what they have to say. We promote diversity and tolerance in our organisation, and people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds are welcome. All of our staff, service providers, contractors and volunteers must agree to abide by the Thornbury Primary School Child Safe Code of Conduct which specifies the standards of conduct required when working with children.


 Anna Baker: Child Safety Officer

Child Safety Champions 

Millicent Baar (Foundation), Simon Dooner (Year 3/4), Darren Ash (Year 5/6), Leigh Collins (Specialists), Rylee Curran (Acting Assistant Principal)


Student Health


Emergency Information

Please make sure that the information on the Confidential Student Enrolment Form is kept up to date. Addresses, telephone numbers, work telephone numbers and the address and telephone number of a friend or neighbour must be correct – otherwise your child may be unnecessarily distressed when we need to contact you in an emergency.

It is essential that addresses and phone numbers of parents/carers and contact people are always kept up to date. Notification of changes in a child’s medical, social and emotional condition is important. (See Enrolment Details section for an update form.)

Accidents and Illness

If your child becomes ill or injured at school and requires treatment at home or by a doctor, a parent/carer will be contacted. Telephone contact numbers supplied in your child’s confidential Student Enrolment Form will be used, so we stress the importance of keeping these details up to date. Should an injury be serious, an ambulance will be called for.

It is essential that if your child suffers from any serious illness, such as asthma, anaphylaxis or diabetes, that information and/or medication be provided to the school.

An agreed health plan will be developed using this information for the well being of your child.

Infectious Diseases

Remember – infectious diseases spread quickly at school. A SICK CHILD MUST BE KEPT AT HOME. The school has neither the facilities nor the personnel to cope with sickness. A child must be excluded from school if suffering from an infectious disease. Some of the diseases are listed below:

  • Chicken Pox 7 days
  • Mumps 14 days
  • Whooping Cough Medical Certificate
  • Hepatitis Medical Certificate
  • Scabies Medical Certificate
  • German Measles 5 days
  • Measles 7 days
  • Head Lice Excluded until treatment commences
  • Impetigo Until sores have healed

If you are unsure whether a child is to be excluded after contracting, or being in contact with an infectious disease, please contact the school.

Medicines and Tablets

Parents/carers must inform the class teach if medication is brought to school.

To assist teachers, parents/carers should supply medication in a container that gives the name of the child, the dose and the time the medication is to be given. The name of the medication should be clearly marked on the container.

School Nurse Service

The School Nurse Service is authorised to conduct medical examinations with parental/carer permission in the Foundation grade. This is usually done by the school nurse who visits the school prior to the examinations to speak to the Foundation children’s parents/carers at an information gathering. Children from other classes are examined on referral by the class teacher and/or parent/carer.

Bully Prevention


Our school is committed to providing a safe and caring environment and culture which enables positive relationships to be formed amongst all students and staff and which encourages self-esteem, cooperation, personal growth and a positive attitude to learning and teaching.

Bullying and harassment will be addressed, individual differences will be respected and students and staff will be enabled and supported in their pursuit of learning and teaching.

A clear policy on bullying (including cyber bullying) and harassment is attached below.

Art Therapy Sessions

Naomi Williams (M. A. Arts Therapy) is a Creative Arts Therapist who facilitates individual Art Therapy sessions for children at Thornbury Primary School. These sessions are designed to provide additional support for children who experience social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

These sessions are based on the approach of Child Centered Play Therapy, a form of therapy that draws on the notion that play is a child’s natural means of self expression. In these sessions, the child has the opportunity to represent their experiences through various forms of art and play. The therapist engages with the child through these mediums, in a way that helps them to understand and resolve any difficulties that they are experiencing. This process helps children develop a greater sense of ease within themselves and in their relationships with others.

As part of this process Naomi provides feedback to parents/carers, teachers and leadership at the school, creating a network of support that allows children to overcome their difficulties and reach their full potential.

Naomi also runs the Bright Sparks Creative Arts Program for small groups of children on Wednesday afternoons in the school art room. She also offers individual Art Therapy sessions for children and adults at her private practice in Briar Hill and is cofounder of The Young Artists Community in Warrandyte.  www.theyoungartistscommunity.com

For more information contact Naomi on 0421 914 220 or email naomi@brightsparks.id.au

Sun Smart

Thornbury Primary School is an official Sun Smart School and we actively encourage the wearing of sun hats and sun protective clothing during Terms 1 and 4 when outside at play, sport, excursions etc. We continue to improve our grounds to include a greater number of shade areas for the children to play in.

In accordance with our Sun Smart approach the school employs a “no hat, no play” policy during first and last term of the school year. Students without a hat must remain in the shade shed during playtimes. Suitable hats are either legionanaire or wide brimmed and are available at the uniform shop.