Starting at TPS

Enrolment Details


Please use the Department of Education “Find my school” to find your zone school.


The cut-off date for submitting enrolment applications for a 2024 start is the 1st of August 2023. We encourage all interested families to submit an application form as soon as possible. A hard copy form can be collected from the Thornbury Primary School front office, or a digital copy can be found on this web page.

Before a child may commence school in Victoria, the school requires evidence of their date of birth. For example, a full birth certificate, passport or letter confirming date of birth from a doctor.

The child will be enrolled in the name that appears on their birth certificate unless there are legal documents to the contrary, such as court orders or adoption papers.

Children starting school also need to provide a current Immunisation History Statement which may be obtained from a Medicare office. In the case of Conscientious Objection or immunisation completed overseas, parents/carers must provide an Immunisation Status Certificate. This is available on application to the City of Darebin (Immunisation Services) at 270 Gower Street Preston (ph: 8470 8562).

The school will require you to complete a confidential Enrolment Form (Mainstream enrolment form / Steiner enrolment form found in side menu). This will include general family details as well as details of emergency contacts, and any illness and/or allergies your child may have. Where custody orders apply to a child the school Principal must be informed and a copy of the custody order made available.

If your child suffers from a serious medical condition such as asthma or anapylaxis, a confidential medical plan will need to be completed by your child’s doctor and filed at school.

It is important that the school maintains accurate information, especially if an emergency situation arises. It is imperative that parents and carers keep the school informed of any changes, such as phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, etc.



School Tours 2023

Please call the office to arrange individual school tours

Kinder/Foundation Transition

The first years of school are an exciting and engaging time for your child. Building positive relationships and experiences in the early years is important to long-term development, learning and wellbeing. Transition to school is an important, welcoming element of your child starting school. During term four, the year before your child starts school, parents/carers and children will be invited to the school for three, one-hour transition sessions. During this time they will meet the Foundation teachers, the principal/assistant principal, some specialist teachers and their buddies for next year.

Throughout the transition sessions parents/carers are invited to attend a morning tea, get to know you sessions, and other various activities whilst the students are with the teachers in the classroom.

Also in term 4 parents/carers and new Foundation students will be required to attend a 30-minute appointment with a Foundation teacher (not necessarily their teacher for the following year). More details regarding the time and location will be given at the first transition session. 


During the transition sessions your child will be able to play in the room with other children, have a play in the playground, participate in some fun ‘school activities’ and tour the school. They will have an opportunity to meet their buddy class for the following year.


During the transition sessions your child will be able to play in the room with their future classmates and participate in a simple Morning Circle and inside/outside play. They will have an opportunity to meet their buddy class for the following year.

Once enrolled at the school each family will receive a Foundation Information Pack detailing the Transition details.