Parent/carer involvement

Parent/carer involvement is welcome in all formal and informal aspects of school life. We encourage parent/carer interest and support to help create a friendly and effective school environment.

We realise all parents/carers are busy – some have no time to spare and others just a little.

We hope that there is something that may suit your time, needs and interests. Remember that you need a current Working With Children (WWC) card in order to be able to assist in the school.

The school would appreciate any assistance or time you can offer. Please get in touch with the office or our teachers if you want to help out.


Our active fundraising group brings together the school community in fun, social events to raise funds to support our school programs. The group welcomes new members to assist with events.

Class Helpers

Helpers are always welcome in assisting in classrooms under the direction of the classroom teacher. Working with small groups, hearing reading, being a role model, supporting and encouraging children in their efforts, helping on excursions, during the swimming program, gardening etc. are invaluable for our school. To work in schools as a helper you will need a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) available from major Australia Post offices. They are free for volunteers.

Social Events

The Arts Festival, NAIDOC Day and Winter Festival are a few examples of occasions that showcase student skills and talents but they are also great opportunities to mix socially – parents/carers, teachers, children, extended family and friends of TPS.

Some ways parents/carers can help:

  • Help on excursions or barbecues
  • Join the fundraising team
  • Offer to help in classrooms eg. hear children read, type stories, tell stories, sing songs
  • Help in Working Bees to fix up the buildings, school grounds and gardens
  • Assist with the Swimming Program
  • Assist with the gardening program
  • Help in the art room eg. put up displays
  • Help in the library eg. repair, cover books, re-shelve books, make books
  • Attend information afternoons/evenings
  • Repair broken furniture, games etc.
  • Represent parents/carers on the School Council
  • Assist with coaching, training of school sports teams
  • Demonstrate skills to children/other parents/carers eg. crafts, cooking, music, work skills
  • Support Koorie Culture Classes

School Council

The School Council is responsible for the school’s general educational policy as well as the maintenance and improvement of the buildings, grounds and gardens, control over all money coming into the school from the Department and parental sources, and the stimulation of community interest in the school.

There are 10 members of the School Council – 5 of these members are parents/carers elected by the school community, 2 DET representatives elected by the school community, the Principal (executive officer) and 2 community members. Elections are held in March each year. If you are interested in being a School Council member please contact the office.

School Council meeting minutes are available here.

Sub Committees include:

  • Policy
  • Finance
  • Buildings
  • Environment
  • Fundraising
  • Out of School Hours Care
  • Koorie Education working party
  • Communications and Marketing

The Arts Festival at TPS

The Arts Festival at TPS

The Arts Festival at TPS

The Arts Festival at TPS

The Arts Festival at TPS

Music and Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Crafts at TPS

Thornbury Primary School has an annual Arts Festival that is a whole school celebration and showcases music and the performing arts and art and craft works of Foundation Year to grade 6 students. Now in its 5th year, the day sees students performing on three stages running simultaneously for the duration of the festival. A year’s worth of craft and visual artworks are displayed along with performances from the drama club. Parents/carers work in class groups to run activities and supply food for the festival, all in an effort to raise funds for the flourishing Arts Department at TPS.

Last year senior students worked with our Musician in Residence Andy Rigby. Students made instruments in their music classes using recycled and found items. They also created a composition with these instruments that were used for the opening of the “Iuk” seat along with a song specially written by our vocalist teacher Emma Tonkin. Students also demonstrated their music compositions in an interactive digital gallery that was on display at the Arts Festival. Group (School Band, Choir, and Orchestra) and solo performances also take place on this day.

As part of our Arts Festival we have a festival artist from our parent/carer community. In 2014 Nikki Fletcher, a felting artist, worked with all our grade 3 to 6 students to create a stunning ‘Felted garden Chandelier’ that is now proudly and majestically hanging in our school foyer. Felting and textile practices are extensively taught in the Steiner craft program at TPS.

In 2015, TPS was successful in securing a Darebin Council arts grant which resulted in the grade 5/6 students collaborating to create a rendered concrete seat in the form of an “Iuk” (WoiWurrung word for eel). The mosaics created and installed in the seat depict the flora and fauna of the Merri Creek within the cycles of the Wurundjeri seven seasons. The seat was officially opened by Sarah Metzner, the mosaic artist, at our 2015 Art Festival.


NAIDOC is always very special at Thornbury Primary School and in particular NAIDOC Day. Many voluntary hours are given by staff to acknowledge our Indigenous students, their communities, history and culture with a variety of multi-age activities planned for all children on this day.

Garden parties

Each Friday, everyone is invited to come along to our Garden Party, from 3pm in the Food Garden (near the Foundation/1 rooms). We will be doing fun garden projects – planting, crafting, getting our hands dirty, making our gardens into even more thriving spaces.

This is open to any member of the school community.

Please note, when students join us at 3.30pm they will need to stay in the Food Garden area (away from after school care) and be in the supervision of parent/carers at all times.

Winter Festival

Around the winter solstice, the Thornbury Primary School community organises a Winter Festival – this is a beautiful opportunity to join together in a celebration of community, through stories and songs, a lantern walk and to share a warming meal of soup and bread.

Fun Run

This whole school event is held in term 2 of the school year. This is a fundraising event that encourages the health and fitness of our students and community alike. Students raise money by having sponsors donate a dollar amount per lap. Students run laps around and through the school premises, which makes for a fun and fit event.


As summer approaches and children look forward to heading off to the beach with their families, the importance of learning to swim and be familiar with water safety becomes very important.

As part of the educational program at Thornbury the children from Foundation to Grade 4 will be involved in a Swimming Program at Northcote Aquatic Centre. The program is designed to familiarise and enhance children’s swimming ability and to add on to programs they are already involved in outside of school. For the Foundation year it is also a social event that involves their whole class and is supported by their Teachers and Educational Support staff.