Meet the Principal

On behalf of the School Council, staff and parents/carers of Thornbury Primary, I welcome you and your child/children to our school. This is a great school where your children will experience a nurturing environment in which they will learn and grow.

At Thornbury Primary there is a strong sense of one school, one community and we instil the values of Respect, Trust, Working Together, Integrity and Perseverance in everything we do.

We are committed to:

  • Creating a positive and orderly classroom climate, where students, teachers, parents and caregivers build relationships together and become responsible for the development of personal and academic learning pursuits for all children.
  • The development of the whole child academically, physically, socially and emotionally. Teaching and Learning programs are designed to interest and stimulate curiosity whilst providing both depth and breadth for the children.

The school offers two teaching and learning streams, a DET mainstream education and one based on the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner.

We also offer an Aboriginal Language LOTE Program across the whole school.

We welcome parents/carers to assist in many ways around the school. Parent/carer input is highly valued and a wide range of opportunities exist for parents/carers to take an active part in the life of the school through learning programs or School Council committees and their associated activities.

I am proud to be the principal of Thornbury Primary and invite you to contact me for a personalised or group tour of the school where you will discover our indoor and outdoor learning spaces, playgrounds and gardens.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Leon Bell


At Thornbury Primary School, we see ourselves as ‘A creative and diverse community growing together’.

Our “Deadly” values form the basis of our learning community and are:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Working together
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance

Staff List 


Leon Bell  Principal

Megan Noy Assistant Principal

Jiangmin (Vicky) Cai Office

Juanita Abreu Office

Class Teachers

Lucy Webb Class Foundation S

Tali White Class Foundation

Beth Crupi / Cecilia Sinclair Class Foundation

Joanne Missen/Jane Joske Class 1S

Jo Boyce Class 1/2

Millycent Baar Class 1/2

Kate Cooney / Rylee Curran Class 1/2

Stephanie Millar Class 1/2

Raphael Crickmay Class 2S

Tania Patten / Anna Chetwynd Class 3/4

Robert Jorgensen  Class 3/4

Steven Neal Class 3S

Juliette Keam Class 4S

Louise Ryan Class 3/4

Jessica Duncan Class 5/6

James Ilia Class 5/6

Darren Ash Class 5/6

Simon Dooner Class 5/6S

Anne Barnett (Mon-Thurs) Multi-Age

Valerie Kelly (Mon-Wed) Integration Aide- Multi-Age

Jan Stefani (Thurs-Fri) Integration Aide- Multi-Age

Woi-wurrung and Indigenous Programs

Terri Lee-Fitzpatrick LOTE

Mel Harrison EYKLNP and MALPA


Antoinette Vaiano Art/Craft

Emma Cornish-Giles Music/Instrumental Music Coordinator

Edward Oberbichler Performing Arts

Leigh Collins P.E

Aides and Other Staff

Vivianne Burns Integration Aide

Margaret Clingin Integration Aide

Ida De Vincentis Integration Aide

Joyce Buckley Integration Aide

Alana Cromwell Integration Aide

Deb Robey Integration Aide

Georgia Ingram Integration Aide

Doug Heckathorn Integration Aide

Aviva Reed Foodweb

David Dyer Maintenance


Out of School Hours Care

Andi Eyan OSHC Coordinator

Tyne Brumby  OSHC Assistant Coordinator

T.I.M.E Instrumental Teachers

Finley Francois Piano

Caitlin French Violin

Philip McLeod Cello

Rosemary Walsh Viola/Violin

Matt Moras Guitar

Liam Gerner Ukelele

Kate Tempany/Melissa Boyce African Drumming

Maria Moles (replaced by Jesse Term 1&2) Drum Kit

Emma Tonkin Voice

Max Dowling Woodwind/Piano

Juliette Keam Junior Choir

Simon Dooner Senior Choir